Kiss my Keto Bars

Keto, Grain Free, Soy Free, Low Sugar, Low Carb Snack Bars

When Keto Bars Work Best

  • Breakfast. Your mornings may be busy, but they don’t have to be unhealthy. A low-carb bar that nourishes your body with healthy fats is a smart choice.
  • Snacks. Healthy snacking between meals has never been tastier and convenient. It’ll feel like you’re indulging in your favorite chocolate treat.
  • Workout. “What can I eat before or after exercising that’s also keto-friendly?” Skip those bad carbs and go after a high-fat, protein-packed supplement that doubles as a snack.
  • Dessert. Serve keto bars at your next party. No one will ever tell they’re ketogenic!
  • Recipes. Use them for baking keto goodies such as brownies, choco chip cookies, and cakes.

Are they gluten free?

These keto bars do not have gluten ingredients. However, if you follow a gluten-free diet, please note that keto bars are processed in equipment that also processes wheat (wheat is known to contain gluten).