Why O-Food exists?

Hi, thanks for visiting our website. Myself (Grain Free, Sugar Free & Anti-inflammatory diet through health necessity not choice) and my partner (Clinical Nutritionist and keen Keto dieter) have spent the last 7 years hunting out, trying and testing food options which have either turned out to be wonderful or utterly vial!

We have spent too much of every day figuring out what to eat.. which is a total bore. Eating should be enjoyable not a challenge but unfortunately for those of us who want or need to follow a special diet this is not necessarily the case. 

What doesn't help is that I am inherently lazy when it comes to food preparation and I'm not afraid to say that my 'chef' skills are seriously lacking (lucky for me, this is not the case for my partner). I LOVE fun food, snacks, treats and have permanent cravings for sweet things, oh and salt and vinegar crisps ! 😋

This website was created and the products we offer are simply to try and meet the cravings people have without the guilt.. whether that be for sweet things, carbs or other.

If you're really bored, have or know someone with Multiple Sclerosis you can read a little more about how I use nutrition and diet to control my RRMS symptoms at this link

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